From Tess Moormans (A friend through Barter Theater Academy):

I met Christina through BYAs performance of The Sound of Music. From the moment I met her I remember thinking what a joyful, fun loving, honest person she was. She would always greet you with a smile and she had a laugh that echoed around the theater. When we acted together, she was given the role of a sister in the Abbott and I still remember her sweet voice singing so passionately. She was passionate in everything she did. Every aspect of how she lived her life. And she was one of the few people who related to me when I shared my faith and convictions. We prayed together often before performances; times I grew to cherish. Through our shared acting experiences we formed a beautiful friendship, and I still remember a day we ate lunch together at her house and chatted and played together like it was yesterday. She was a friend who suffered much, but gracefully gave nonetheless. I don't remember a time she wasn't smiling. It's hard for me to believe she won't just be a text away, but I am so grateful she is free from pain.


From Linda Sprouse (First Baptist Church, Charlottesville ):

Hi Diane and Steve, we just wanted to extend our condolences in the loss of precious Christina. We thought the world of her and always enjoyed talking to her. I know it's been awhile since she passed. My mom Brenda Vess passed away this past September. Don't know if you remember her, she was good friends with Diane's sweet mom. Please know we are keeping you all lifted up in prayer. In Him, Wilson and Linda Sprouse

From Carol McGinnis (St Peter Presbyterian/Kara Murphy’s mom):

How many times God has brought you to my mind and heart. My son in Chagrin Falls (Fellowship Bible Church) was always ready to help you if needed. I stop and pray for you knowing that you may need it when these times come… thank you for sharing.

From Sue Craddock (I was her K-1 teacher):

Not only was Christina the sweetest girl, she was definitely the bravest. With all she went through on a daily basis, I never once heard her complain!!! She was an amazing girl who made a difference to so many. I will forever love her. I cherish the notes she wrote to me. Until we meet again.... God bless! Love, Mrs C

From Patricia Reardon (I had the pleasure of teaching her):

I remember Christina walking everywhere while pulling her rolling case that contained all of her medications. When she came to PE we would adapt activities to make sure she could participate. She always gave 100% until she tired out. I would joke around with Christina and loved when she would look at me and shake her head at my bad jokes while trying not to smile. I wouldn’t give up until she smiled and giggled. I loved her spirit, her faith, and her love and care for others. She taught me more than I ever taught her.

From Maria Aslamazi (Cleveland Clinic):

My dear friend, I was so blessed to have met you!

I’m devastated and still can’t believe it…. Rest in peace.

My deepest condolences to your family.

From Hannah Dokupil (Matthew’s friend):

Christina, I am so blessed to have known you and by the love I have known through you and your family. What adventures our families had together traveling back and forth across the country (spearheaded by myself and Matthew and our middle school nerd obsessions...!) You were always along for the ride no matter what we came up with.

I see such strength, resilience, and grace in your spirit which is alive with us even though you are now with Jesus. I'm devastated that you don't get better organs on earth; I guess Jesus was ready with your new organs in heaven. You're one in a million, and will be missed very much.

love, peace, and blessing,


From Jean Hatch (member of Abingdon Newcomers Club):

Our club sent out an email asking for prayers early October. Once I went to Christina’s site, I fell in love with her immediately and started praying. I felt so moved by her family, especially Diane. How faithful her family is to God. How Blessed Christina WAS and IS. I still pray for all of you and will never forget Christina.

From Helen (her aunt):

I love you all and loved Christina so much! I know she is in heaven with Grace and Joseph and has a new heavenly body! I can only imagine how she must be feeling in the presence of Jesus! I’m sure she is smiling and wearing a crown that sparkles with millions of jewels! She left a mark on my heart and this world! Grateful I was her favorite aunt (she told me many times 😊). Everlasting love and memories of Christina always!

From Kaye Crutchfield (met her at church 20 years ago):

I have had the privilege of knowing Christina from the time she was a little girl, while also having known her and loved her as a young woman in recent years.

I first met her through her beloved Mom, Diane, when we were in Bible Study together at First Baptist Church in Charlottesville, VA. Our family left C-ville after just a few years, but as God so often does, He continued and then re-established our relationship in a different area, when my family, and the Reynolds family, found ourselves living in Bristol, Virginia-Tennessee.

Throughout these many years, I have been blessed to pray for Christina often, to love her and visit with her in person, to stand firm in faith with her and her family through the joys and the trials she faced, and yesterday, I had the privilege of being present as they laid her precious body to rest in the Magnolia Memorial Gardens at Calvary Church, Charlotte, NC.

Today, I find myself wondering how does one share adequate, honoring words about a precious saint, one whose death the Lord calls precious in His sight (Psalm 116:15). What words might I offer that speak of the faithfulness of this servant?

I love what I have read thus far in these posts. Words about love, joy, family, playfulness, and laughter. Words that that speak of perseverance, determination, steadfastness, impact, and challenge. Words that speak of light, hope, faith, confidence, and trust. Words that speak of peace and calm in the midst of the storm. Words that speak of her true identity – the identity that she was indeed fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

Christina’s life – and her abiding choice to faithfully live the life she was given – are indeed a testimony to the truth that she was God’s “workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that {she} should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10). And that she did!

Her good works that remind me to treasure the gift of today, to treasure my family and friends, to remember to laugh and to smile and not take myself too seriously.

Her good works that remind me to be grateful, to be made new in my attitude (Ephesians 4:23), to put on the “new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24).

Christina’s good works that cause me to seek to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit rather than my own strength for when I am weak then He is strong for the Lord has said, and He has said to Christina, and in turn to all who believe, “My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Good works that cause me to want to love more and to follow Christ’s teaching – to love the Lord my God with all my “heart…soul…mind…and strength” and to love my neighbor as myself (Mark 12:30-31).

Good works that cause me to desire in my inmost being that I will hear the words I know Christina has heard from her loving Lord and Master: “Well-done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:23).

I am confident that these good works and so many more were evident to each of you as well. I’m also confident these good works will remain in our hearts as we remember this beautiful child of God – as we recall how she sought to live, to fight, to trust, and to rest daily, moment by moment, safe and secure in the arms of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As I close, I wonder just how did she do it? How did she remain steadfast in the midst of all she endured? How did she stand firm in her illness, as she prepared for transplant, and at the end of life?

The answer lies in the truth that the love of God and His beautiful words of Truth were written and are written eternally on the tablet of Christina’s heart (Proverbs 3:3). He has held her and is holding her in His shelter. Her radiant smile, joyful eyes, and kind spirit reflect the certain truth that this young woman of faith indeed knew Christ’s love – His saving love that was poured into her heart so she might pour out this love to others and by so doing, win many to the Kingdom of God.

Precious Christina, thank you for teaching me and for inspiring me. Thank you for reminding me – in the way God planned for you – that yes, indeed, life is to be cherished, but the key to eternal life is only found in Christ. Thank you for impacting me in countless ways, and for giving me the privilege of knowing you. I have been changed, refined, challenged, and shaped more fully I pray into a vessel for God’s work. Your tenacious heart and good works continue to spur me forward. As your Daddy shared yesterday, “Jesus is a good idea.” Thank you, dear sister in Christ, for your testimony that is indeed giving God the glory due His great name. Well done, precious child!

From Nancy and Russ Ryalls (family in Christ):

Dear family, it has been a life-changing joy to walk with you in this journey. Your friendships have been a sweet gift from our Lord.

Christina was an inspiration as she chose joy every day. She saw joy in the struggle.

Diane and Stephen, thank you for being an example to us as parents. Your steadfastness is a testimony about the strength and power that comes from our Savior.

Matthew, thank you for your friendship with your sister. Not all siblings are that way. That was truly a gift.

Christina’s fingerprints will be found on many lives!

Philippians 1:3 says it so well: I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

We love you!

From Christopher Broskie (Matthew’s friend):

I had the honor of hearing about Christina’s journey through her loving brother, Matthew. Her life made an impact on all of those who knew her and those who knew of her. Courage, bravery, resilience, positivity, love, kindness—there really are no words to perfectly describe the life that Christina lived.

Even in the midst of constant challenges and dark days, Christina lived her life to the fullest. I believe that is a lesson we can all learn from this dear girl. No one knows how much time they have on this earth, but what matters is how we spend the time we do have. Christina did not waste a single second.

You will be remembered always.

Blessings, peace, love, and my sincerest condolences to the family during this most difficult time of grief.

From Rick (Matthew’s boyfriend):

It was a blessing & an honor to know you from afar. Your brother & I talked about you constantly. A childhood picture wouldn’t pass that I wouldn’t exclaim, “I can’t handle how precious your sister is!” 💚 Watching your home movies, seeing you chase your grandmother around the yard (your grandmother, dressed as a jester!)… I couldn’t stop laughing! You bring joy in its truest form.

It meant more than I can say to be included in some of your FaceTime calls with Matthew. The last long call was filled with much joy & laughter. The joy & peace that lingered after that call will stay with us always. We will continue to talk about you all the time. Thank you for extending your light this way in the time there was. May we all live & love by your example. Blessings & peace to you & your family.

From Justin (Matthew’s friend):

I didn’t have the good fortune of knowing Christina personally, but I’ve heard so much about her over the years that I know the world has lost someone precious.

Her joy and presence has had, and will continue to have, a ripple effect even on the lives of those of us who never got to meet her, simply because of how deeply she impacted those who did know her. The enormity of this loss is a testament to how blessed the world was to have her in it. I am just so terribly sorry that it wasn’t for a far longer time.

My condolences to the family in this time of immeasurable grief.

From Matthew (Christina’s brother):


I never thought I would have to say goodbye so soon – far too soon, my beautiful, sweet, precious sister.

Words will never exist to express how deeply I miss you. I will forever cherish the sweet memories I have of growing up with you, playing together, going to the movies just the two of us… all the fun times at Disney and times playing dress-up, sledding, making home movies… I’ll always admire your endless determination and crazy knack for remembering the tiniest things… and always remember your laugh and your smile… your trust and your love.

You were a fighter from the first day we knew you, and I’m so glad I got to spend 24 years with you despite every odd. Thank you for fighting so hard to stick around so long – every day knowing you was a gift.

I love you forever, sweet pea.

Always your brother,